DAC Tire & Rubber cleaner 05l

Cleans rubber parts. Provides the coating with a deep silken gloss. Provides rubber with additional elasticity. Protects rubber from fading, UV rays. Contains no aggressive solvents. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE. Rubber cleaner & conditioner contains perfectly selected substances that clean rubber, provide it with additional elasticity, restore its original colour, do not allow rubber to fade and protect it against UV rays. Shake the bottle. Spray evenly onto a dry surface and allow drying. Rubber cleaner & conditioner is also suitable for other rubber parts and items, tires, sealing tapes.

Many of you are faced with a problem – a windshield full of insects after a long trip. Not only does it look unattractive, but it may also damage your car’s coating and impair your visibility. After you have tested every available product, but the dirt, stains or material did not disappear, you may ask yourself – How can I clean all of this? DAC offers a perfect solution – DAC Bug and Tar Remover. The cleaner is free of alkali, therefore, unlike other cleaners, it will not damage your car’s surface. DAC is a complex of carefully chosen active ingredients, eliminating not only grease, but also protein, which is very important, because insects consist mainly of protein. When possible – choose DAC.


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