Brake fluid DOT-4

Brake fluid for hydraulic brake and clutch systems with a boiling point above 240 °C. Due to the low deep temperature viscosity this brake fluid is especially recommended for brake systems combined with ABS, TCS and ESP/DSC. DAC DOT-4 has been formulated with glycol ethers and their borates. DAC DOT-4 contains effective corrosion inhibitors and antioxidants. Satisfies the following specifications: SAE J 1703, SAE J 1704, ISO 4925 Class 6, FMVSS No. 116 DOT 3 and DOT-4.

DAC DOT-4 will mix safely with other brake fluids DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.1 confirming to these specifications. DAC DOT-4 has a shelf life of at least three years when stored under appropriate conditions in original closed containers at temperatures of maximum 40 °C.


DAC applies a multi-level water purification treatment technology where DAC distilled water is treated up to the level of the individual water molecules. If you need extra clean water, choose DAC distilled water.


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